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Midterm schedule 

   It’s the second marking period and midterms are right around the corner. Midterm exams will begin on Wednesday, January 23rd, and conclude on Tuesday, January 29th. These exams make up 10% of a student’s overall grade for the year, and they can significantly impact one’s academic standing at the end of the year. Here are a few tips to start getting ready. First, it’s best to begin studying as soon as possible. That way, students can space out the sessions and prevent feeling overwhelmed. The day before the tests, make sure to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. By doing this, one can go into the midterms feeling well-rested and refreshed. Finally, if anyone begins feeling overwhelmed about midterms, it is best to talk to a teacher or try studying in a group, as this will help the tests seem a lot more manageable. 
The midterm schedule is as follows:
Wednesday 23rd- Period 9 (Full Day)
Thursday 24th- Periods 1 and 2
Friday 25th- Periods 3 and 4
Monday 28th- Periods 5 and 6
Tuesday 29th- Periods 7 and 8


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